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Calcium phosphates constitute the mineral component of bone and teeth in our bodies. The hollow and porous microspheres developed by Psilox AB are made up by the same substances, meaning that they are inherently biocompatible and bioresorbable carriers of ions required for bone and tooth remineralization.

Due to their porous and hollow structure, the microspheres can also be loaded with various ingredients, providing an efficient vehicle for delivery and controlled release.

Given the right conditions, the hollow calcium phosphate microspheres will grow spontaneously and precipitate out from a solution of salts, without the use of any surfactants or templates. This guarantees a material without any organic residues, born from a biomimetic mineralization process of biocompatible ions. The microspheres have been extensively characterized and evaluated for a range of applications, including tooth remineralization, tooth whitening and bone augmentation.

Products using this novel biomaterial will be commercialized carrying the CAPOSAL® trademark. The first products are now available for sale in Sweden at the online store

Psilox AB is an innovative start-up company specialized in the manufacturing and application of cutting-edge bioceramic materials. Our primary focus lies on oral care applications, where the unique properties of our proprietary calcium phosphate microspheres can transform many treatments.

The company began operations in 2014, based on discoveries made at the Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University, Sweden. By exploring new ways to coat metallic implants with a bioactive ceramic surface layer, a way to form new and unique bioceramic microspheres was discovered. These microspheres now form the basis of Psilox’s technology platform.

Psilox AB is certified to ISO 9001:2015 for the

development, production, marketing and sales of biomaterial products for use in the dental industry.

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PhD in Solid State Physics

Co-founder Fiomi Diagnostics and CTO at Åmic

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Executive chairman, Founder

Professor Applied Materials Science, Uppsala University

Co-founder OssDsign and Emplicure



Former partner at 3i Plc

Previously Kabi-Pharmacia, Schering-Plough and Pharmacia

Co-founder Global Medical Investments


GU Ventures AB

Corporate Lawyer

Business development



More than 40 years of experience as a dentist and clinic manager within Folktanvården and Praktikertjänst